HSR Seeds

About HSR

HSR Seeds has been pioneering research and development in Australian and New Zealand agriculture for generations. We’re one of the nation’s leading producers of maize seed.

We’re proud to say that we are Australian and New Zealand owned. Our developments in hybrid seed are helping other Australians and New Zealanders to grow better crops, enhancing our nations’ reputation for quality produce worldwide.

We aim to be easy to deal with, and our message for all our customers is that the proof is in the paddock.

HSR Seeds is one of the nation’s leading researchers, producers and marketers of maize seed.

Our People and our Products are our strength; we are focused on developing dependable varieties that drive real and sustainable profit advantages for our customers. We are a unique and compact company. This means we promote short communication lines between our customers and us, and this provides real market focus. We listen to our customers with intent to understand their challenges and issues they are dealing with. Our heart is in the paddock.

The underlying strength in our business is our dedicated enthusiastic team of people, with a great mix of young enthusiasm and old wise heads, we work hard to achieve our goals. When we say people, we mean everyone from suppliers and staff to customers and shareholders, without them we have nothing. They are the reason we get up in the morning. We pledge that we will never lose sight of that.”

Hands-On Research

HSR Seed’s hands-on, down to earth research and development into new hybrid seeds has made a significant impact on the Australian and New Zealand maize industry for decades. We carry out the majority of our initial research and trial work at the HSR Seeds Research Stations in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Tests on more promising varieties are then carried out at numerous trial sites on properties throughout the summer cropping areas of Australia and New Zealand, under a vast range of environments and growing conditions. We continue to constantly monitor plant breeding institutes worldwide to source quality genetic material that we can work with to develop new exclusive varieties, with superior traits to what is currently available.

Our Research and Development programmes are aimed at a number of important agronomic characteristics apart from just yield potential. We are targeted at you achieving yield protection and harvest security. Our goal is to bring you new high yielding varieties that can better withstand the challenges thrown at them by our uncertain farming conditions.

State Of The Art Production Once our hybrid crops have ripened, strict procedures are followed to prevent the new hybrid seed from becoming contaminated.

From paddock to package – right through each one of the stages of harvesting, storage, transport, cleaning, treating and packaging – all our equipment is scrupulously cleaned before each line is processed.

Our seed products are then graded and packaged at our facilities before commercial release. Sampling and testing is carried out at all stages as part of our strict quality control program. You can see this data displayed on each bag of HSR Seeds product

Feel free to phone or email us if you have a question we haven’t answered here (or anywhere else on our site). We try to respond to all emails within one working day.